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#SocialSkim: Facebook's New Teen-Only App, Plus 10 More Stories This Week

Facebook again grabbed headlines–this time with an app for teens only. Also: what Facebook plans to take over next, why the Olympics indicate a big shift toward live-streaming, and how to gauge whether your Facebook ads led to offline purchases. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

#SocialSkim: Facebook's New Teen-Only App, Plus 10 More Stories This Week

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Marketing Video: How to Rise Above the Social Media Noise

Everyone is on social media. And that's not (much of) an exaggeration. But with that many users comes a lot of extra noise. So how do you rise above it and grab your audience's attention? Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Marketing Video: How to Rise Above the Social Media Noise

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How To Dominate Content Marketing With Machine Learning Tools

How To Dominate Content Marketing With Machine Learning Tools

The internet is loaded with too much content.

Whether you're blogging, publishing a video, or sharing an image, you are contributing to the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that is made everyday!

The old method of publishing tons of content isn't as effective as it used to be. Many more are publishing great content nowadays to the point that it's becoming increasingly difficult to be heard over all that digital noise.

It's time to blow off that dust and apply a shiny new coat of machine learning polish to your content strategy.

What is Machine Learning?

As a sub-set of artificial intelligence, machine learning occurs when computer algorithms are programmed to learn from the data and information it inputs. The outputs of these machines differ each time because they are able to change their resulting actions from studying patterns, trends, and data-points.

The more information that is fed in, the more accurate and personalized the results are.

You can see machine learning in technologies that might surprise you. Pre-populating search engines, self-driving cars, spam filtering, optical character recognition, and even in a game of Super Mario.

Video by: Seth Bling

Creating a new and refocused content marketing strategy

We're all drowning in content. There is too much to read, scroll through, and find out what's really useful. The consequence of this is decreasing engagement, as seen in TrackMaven's survey.

Track Maven's Survey for machine learning tools

In your role as a content marketer, you track your blog and social media analytics to understand trends. These trends then help you figure out the direction of your blog and social media efforts.

With so much information do you often find yourself asking these questions with your marketing tools?

  • Is all this information necessary? Which metrics actually matter?

  • What's the scale of data that is actually being studied?

  • Will this tool tell me exactly what I need to do without too much hassle?

  • How will this information contribute to the future success of my content marketing efforts?

  • How long do I have to wait for the results to show?

By using machine learning tools, you will be able to easily shift your content marketing strategy to be more effective and useful for your audience.

How to create personalized content for your audience using machine learning tools

To increase job efficiency, machine learning tools are able to reduce the time it takes to manually track and decipher your data into effective actionable tasks that will lead to predicted success.

Refreshing your content strategy now entails creating personalized content that is predicted to give you engagement well-before you trial-and-error blog topics.

It's time to break out that polish.

Here are some intelligent marketing tools that will save you time, and provide you with an even more accurate and adaptive way to create and share content that connects:

Making and sharing blog content

The machine learning aspect to the Atomic Reach platform lies within its ability to forecast when you should share articles, and which aspects of your blog actually matter to your reader, even if your audience's engagement patterns start to shift.

Breaking it down to it's components:

  • Insights shows you which audience level gives you the most engagement and how much more you could be getting using predictive analytics.

  • Writer is an intelligent content editor that highlights specific parts of your blog that is achieving your standard for optimal engagement as well as the areas that are not.

  • Scheduler takes out the guesswork of manually scheduling out articles to social, by automatically placing them in the best time for engagement unique to every user based on their social engagement behaviour.

animated gif strongman

Think of the Atomic Reach platform like the strongman game you see at a carnival.

In this case the puck is your topic, the participants are your writers, and the bell is your goal for engagement.

Without using this tool your content could be missing the mark. Not every writer will be able to get that puck to the bell, because each of your writers' have different styles and skill levels in writing.

To make sure you hear that ding with every article you publish, you'll want to consistently create high-scoring content even if the conditions change.

As a marketer, Atomic Reach helps you maintain a high level of content that is backed by blog and social media engagement data.

Intelligently-driven email marketing

Ever wonder how an email from your favorite brand knew which products to recommend to you?

Email marketing has continued to be one of the most successful ways to reach and interact with audiences. In many threads, the topic of email marketing increasingly revolves around ensuring that your messages are personalized to each recipient.

Personalization in the form of sending your prospects truly relevant information is's specialty. Catering specifically to online retailers, uses predictive email marketing to increase click-through rates and repeat business.

From analyzing e-commerce transactions and customer buying behaviour, those in your email list are sent product recommendations at the times that have proven to generate more clicks.

personal email newsletter example for machine learning tools

Just like this J.Crew email that I received, it shows me what items I clicked on when I was last on their site, and other promotions/products I might be interested in. Without these smart systems identifying products I'm interested in, I might be sent products that aren't relevant to me, like menswear or children's apparel.

With, email subscribers are sent products they'll most likely love at the times when they're more likely to buy thanks to intelligent algorithms.

Finding the perfect content creators for your marketing strategy


Many companies hire content writers to generate content for their blogs. If you're familiar with the process, then you know that finding top tier writers that work within your budget can be extremely time consuming and challenging.

content writers for machine learning tools

Textio helps you create “optimized job listings”. The method behind their smart word processor focuses on predicting how successful your job listing will be, or if your candidate will want to respond to your request.

Their rating system gives you a percentage of success, which is compared to other related documents. 100% being the highest and most difficult to achieve.

In real-time Textio highlights key phrases and gives you word-to-word recommendations, and the pros and cons of that phrase, which includes tone and gender appeal.

You will be able to better pinpoint and nab candidates that match the team's personality and work ethic. Textio will save you time writing a job listing that might not attract the right talent, and will help you acquire your new content writer or marketing employee.

All together now

Throughout each step of the content creation and marketing process, machine learning tools help marketers do their job with more efficiency without compromising quality. By adding intelligence to your marketing strategy you will be able to make more effective decisions with less time, stress, and confusion.

With machine learning marketing tools, you will:

  • Find the right writers that will add to your team's work environment

  • Generate emails your customers will want to click on

  • Create and market the most relevant and engaging content for your audience

From these tools and tips, what new methods will you be implementing into your content marketing plan, and what do you hope to see? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share this article.

Guest Author: Amanda Chiu is the Marketing Coordinator at Atomic Reach, writing posts, sharing news, and connecting with the community on the daily. Her attempts at clearing her ever-growing reading list continues to be unsuccessful, and she really does believe that sharing is caring.

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How To Dominate Content Marketing With Machine Learning Tools

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How to Download A Facebook Live Video

I get asked this question a lot…how do I download my Facebook Live video? Great question, honestly! The reason that so many want to download the video from Facebook is so they can re-purpose that video in other ways and on other platforms. For some reason, Facebook doesn't make it easy to figure out how to download […]

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Kim Garst

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How to Download A Facebook Live Video

Customer Relationships, Digital Marketing, and eBay for Dummies: Marsha Collier on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

Digital marketing and e-commerce expert Marsha Collier, author of 32 books, including eBay for Dummies, discusses how to manage customer relationships across channels, why behavior is more important than demographics, and what marketers can learn from successful eBay sellers. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Customer Relationships, Digital Marketing, and eBay for Dummies: Marsha Collier on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

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The 4 Crucial Steps Needed To Actually Drive Sales From Facebook

The 4 Crucial Steps Needed To Actually Drive Sales From Facebook

Have you marketed on Facebook but haven't seen any significant improvement in your sales?

Sometimes it may seem easier to focus your energy elsewhere in your business rather than pursue a medium that is constantly evolving and changing.

However there is a simple 4-step process which is achieving amazing results for businesses world-wide and it can help to bring your Facebook strategy back into focus.

It follows the funnel strategy that you have probably heard about before but may not know how to effectively implement on Facebook.

It looks like this:

funnel strategy for drive sales from Facebook

Step 1: The top of the funnel

Here, the strategy is simple. You are merely trying to get on our prospects radar.

It doesn't matter what you are selling, the important action in this step is to provide value to the prospect. This is done by providing content that relates to them and strengthens their belief that we share a common interest and values.

It's too early to be pitching a sale to this prospect as they haven't had a chance to develop confidence in the brand or service.

A simple video of a ring can create a perfect initial engagement with a prospect and begin to offer them value.

An example of this is Charles Rose Jewellery:

the top of the funnel for drive sales from Facebook

A quality video, boosted to the right audience is a great first way of connecting with potential prospects.

Another way is simply a “Like” ad. With this new group you can begin filtering through to find the ones that actually are interested in your offering. They make themselves known by liking your page, which is invaluable as we move through to step 2.

the top of the funnel for drive sales from Facebook

(an example of how a Facebook like ad appears in the news feed) 

Step 2: The Middle of the Funnel

In the middle of the funnel we have now isolated an audience group that have indicated some interest in our offering and are primed for further engagement.

Some examples of audiences we can target are:

It's important to think of the amount of trust and engagement that is needed to make a purchase, and to vary the engagement strategies accordingly. For example someone looking to choose an accountant may need months of nurturing with good content. This is because people don't select an accountant very often and a lot of trust may be needed for a prospect to come to a decision.

Conversely a product like a $100 watch may be bought on impulse. You may just need to show a few images of some influencers wearing the watch and some text on the watch features to prepare them to make a purchase.

Often, the less common a decision is made, the more expensive the purchase and the more research a customer will need to do before deciding they are ready to purchase. Which means the longer duration in the step 2 phase.

Step 3: The middle of the funnel…again

Ok, we have built an audience, we have engaged the audience, now what?

Well, remember that we don't own the audience. Facebook can change their algorithm at any time (although they are aligned with the best interests of the advertisers). Now is the perfect time to start building your email list. It's also great to have touch points with your audience on multiple platforms and email performs as well.

Facebook is an amazing platform to build your email list. It's very scalable & extremely effective.

There are usually two main strategies implemented here to make the email acquisition strategy as effective as possible:

  1. The Viral Promotion

  2. The Opt-In Offer

The Viral Promotion – This is a strategy that involves a significant giveaway that ensures those that enter are potential customers. If you are a bike store, you can give away a helmet or bike gear. It can get a little trickier if you are in a services business like an accountant so you may have to get creative, perhaps giving away a business book pack or seminar tickets.

The “viral” secret – It's always better to have a way to encourage those that enter to share, which is why you build a viral thank you page where the entrants can invite friends to win either more entries or more prizes. We find that this viral element on average increases the number of entries by 40%!

The Opt-in Offer – This is simply a free “giveaway” in exchange for an email and it can come in many forms. Webinars, e-books, free samples, audio clips, video series, content extensions, seminars & more.

Find something that is providing value to the audience and also suggests that they could be a potential buyer of your product. For example a scarf company may giveaway a book on 25 different ways to wear your scarf this summer and an accountant may giveaway 5 tips to minimize your tax leading up to the end of the financial year.

Step 4: The bottom of the funnel

You've selected an audience, isolated them, engaged them and even added them to your email list. Now it's time to convert this investment into revenue.

By stage 4 your audience should have a connection to your product and they definitely have shown interest in it. There are many strategies you can implement during stage 4 but the most important to focus on are:

  • Emails asking for the sale

  • Retargeting from your website browsers but not buyers

  • Carousel/Direct ads from Facebook

Let's take a deeper look at each.

Emails – Once a user signs up for a promotion it's great to email them after the promotion to let them know the results. Then you can follow up with some emails introducing them to your company, what you stand for, why you started, what problem you solve & then ask for the sale. Emails are perfect for increasing customer lifetime and creating a foundation to build upon.

Retargeting – These are those ads that follow you around after you have visited a website. All the biggest ecommerce websites use this because it works. You can set it up on Facebook to follow around your website visitors that haven't purchased for 14 days with product shots to get people back and ready to buy.

Direct – This is a perfect chance to showcase your products to start cheaply bringing people to your website.  A carousel ad can show up to 10 images for the cost of 1 impression and can be great to showcase many different benefits or a range of different products.

the bottom of the funnel for drive sales from Facebook


By undertaking the 4 step funnel strategy you have developed a clear and concise path to Facebook marketing success that will continue to build meaningful relationships with your customers and create significant financial gains for your digital marketing strategy.

Happy marketing!

Guest Author: Helping businesses grow is what drives Maxwell Hertan. As the Founder and Director of Megaphone Marketing, his focus is on delivering data driven results, ensuring every client has the highest return possible.

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The 4 Crucial Steps Needed To Actually Drive Sales From Facebook

Pinterest Isn't the Social Platform You Think It Is

Pinterest boasts social elements, but not enough of them to call it a social media platform. So if you consider Pinterest just a social platform, you're at a serious tactical disadvantage. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Pinterest Isn't the Social Platform You Think It Is

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